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I adopted a Jigglypuff plushie from!

Pokemon Chibis @ Doll Clique

Pokemon Glitter @ Doll Clique

HEY WELCOME TO MY SITE!! HERE WE WILL GIVE OUT WALKTHROUGHS AND INFO SO FEEL FREE TO LOOK WE WILL BE ADDING MORE AND MORE SOON we right now have a pokemon leafgreen walkthrough so check that out and u can chat on the message board or the chat room-Myles

Pokemon Glitter @ Doll Clique

Pokemon Chibis @ Doll Clique


My Hobbies


Most Admired

Bulbasaur from pokemon

People shouting at the world over megaphones; Size=240 pixels wide


My Message Board

Please come to my message board the links above me and you can post anything related to pokemon ok thank you-Myles

We will have a adoption centre running soon so look out for that!!!

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adopt your own virtual pet!

Free Java Chat Room

Hope u like my site
we update it often
every1 is welcome
but please behave
and respect other people
Pokemon is cool
Please have fun-Myles

Pokemon Glitter @ Doll Clique